Cats With Flowers

I love to create small works.  How much emotion and fun can be drawn from the observer with a black silhouette and a bright background!  The pieces appear very simple, but the edge of the lino must be carved “just so” to achieve the perfect cat profile.  The “Cats with Flowers” series pairs cats with the flowers that they are named for.  In 1999, the first one in the series, “Lily”, was sold to a young mother who owned a black cat, who was attending the art show with her baby girl, also named Lily.  Her delight in that happy coincidence became my delight, and has inspired many cats with charming names!  “Lily” was followed in 2003 by “Daisy”, “Sweet Pea” and “Valentine” – a cat with a red heart on its chest.  (“Lily” and “Valentine” are sold out.)  I continued the theme with “Gladiola”, “Sunflower” and “Magnolia” in 2006.