The Process


Linoleum Ranne cropped TINYeduction Print: I manipulate a single piece of linoleum (yes – old fashioned flooring!) through carving to become the printing plate for each different color in the art work. Once I have completed the first carving, I ink the lino and transfer the image from the lino to watercolor paper by placing the lino face-up in a jig, placing the paper on the lino, and rubbing the back of the paper to release the ink onto the paper.  (I use waterbased printers ink as it is easier to clean up, without solvents, which makes it more environmentally – and artist – friendly.)  Once the ink dries, I cut away more of the lino print a second color directly over the original image. I repeat this process for each color, to create the final image. These stages of carving continue to reduce the usable surface of the lino, hence the name “reduction” printmaking. I use a custom designed jig to maintain the registration of my prints (keep the image properly lined up). I hand-pull my work, without the use of a printing press. Because the plate is changed permanently between the printings of separate colors, I work on all of the originals at once, placing them in a drying rack between printings.